What Should you Know when Renting a Car


What are the important things you should know when you rent a car? It does not matter whether this would be your first time or you have done this several times already. We at Rental Car Burgas are here to give you some tips on the matter.

Bring all of the necessary documents.

It would be a waste of time if you come to the agency only to realise you have forgotten your paperwork. All you would need is your driver’s license and a passport. The payment method is up to your choice. It can be arranged in cash or with a credit card.

Make sure the car exterior is not damaged.

It would not be preferable if you are to be held responsible for another person’s mistake. Make sure the car is not scratched or damaged in any way or if this is the case, you can point out this in the beginning.

Get familiar with the interior.

There is very little chance of hiring the same car you are usually driving, so you will need some time to adjust. Right before you go, make sure to move the seat, so it will be comfortable and to adjust the mirrors. Get an idea how to use functions such as the lights, air conditioning and handbrake.

It is important to know where you are going next.

If you think about it, it will cost you less if you are aware which are your destinations in advance. Bulgarian cost can be tempting with one of its top locations such as: Albena, Balchik or Byala. There are many attractions you can visit or go there for sightseeing.

What kind of fuel do you need?

Make sure you are aware of what kind of fuel the car runs with. Also the car should be fueled up when you are returning it. Most cars use A95 but there are some exceptions such as diesel or gas. Do not forget to ask about this before you take off.

Be on time to return the vehicle.

All of the car rental companies have tight schedules which are not to be ignored. You should be able to return the car as planned. If there are any changes you should speak to the company to understand what follows next.

It is best if you get an Insurance

Unfortunately sometimes accidents might happen. There are times when someone scratches the car while it is parked and afterwards you are to be held responsible for this or others. It is probably a good idea if you take caution and consider an Insurance.

Do not go off-road

Most rental vehicles are not meant to be driven off-road. Make sure to remember that when you are hiring a vehicle. Although there are many tempting locations you can probably visit it is best if you respect the rules and therefore avoid damages.

Park carefully

You definitely don’t want to get parking tickets. The fines around the coast can be an unpleasant experience, so be careful. Also it is best if you research the area and the neighbourhoods you are parking the vehicle in, upfront.

Do not lose the car keys

Previously the car keys were easier to replace, but now it is different. The electronics placed inside the car key are complex and cannot be copied easily. Not only is it costly, but sometimes they should be specially ordered by the manufacturer.

Do not wait until the last moment to hire a car

If you are already at the airport you are probably a bit late to rent a car, although it is not impossible, it is best if you do this upfront. Take some time to make the arrangements a bit before you come to Bulgaria.

Last tips

Always use a seatbelt and do not drink and drive. Those two as you are already familiar might be quite dangerous, so make sure to follow the rules.

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