Balchik is a beautiful seaside town situated in Southern Dobruja and near Albena.

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Distance to Balchik with a vehicle

From Varna airport: 52.8 km – travel time: 46 minutes
From Burgas airport: 167 km – travel time: 2h 35 minutes
From Albena: 13.4 km – travel time: 19 minutes

More information about Balchik

One of the main attractions is the palace of queen Maria with its marvelous botanical gardens. The town is situated on hilly terraces and this is why one of the best ways to visit it is by car. There are arts, music and sports places in the town.

You can enjoy a SPA day or go to the nearest beach. We should warn you that the beach is not one of the best on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Should you wish to travel a little bit further there are three magnificent golf resorts near Balchik.

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