Obzor is a small town and a seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Situated almost evenly between Varna and Burgas its location is easy to reach from both towns.

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Distance to Obzor with a vehicle

From Varna airport: 66.2 km – travel time: 1h 2 min
From Burgas airport: 60.9 km – travel time: 1h 1 min
From Byala: 7.3 km – travel time: 8 min

More information about Obzor

Obzor is a sea resort with 7 kilometres long beach that is not crowded even during the high season. It has light sand and the sea is clear and calm. The town is spread along a bay with a beginning at St. Atanas Cape and an end at Emine Mountain. There the “Dvoinitsa” river flows into the sea.

This is an attractive destination for tourists during the summer season. The town connects the mountain and the sea. You can visit it for climate treatments or a SPA vacation. The beach line of Obzor is one of the finest on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

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