Byala is a small town and a seaside resort located in the semi-mountainous region of Stara Planina about 50 km away from Varna and 70 km north of Burgas.

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Distance to Byala with a vehicle

From Varna airport: 58.0 km – travel time: 52 minutes
From Burgas airport: 68.4 km – travel time: 01h 08 minutes

More information about Byala

The town is not developed as well as other places you can visit on the Black Sea Coast, however it has its own beauty. There are several hotels and camping areas and the beach has white sands, dunes and calm sea.

Nearby Byala there is a magnificent fortress that you can visit and the easiest way to travel there is by a rental car. Nature landmark that may catch your attention is Karadere – one of the last unblighted by mass tourism development areas with a wild beach.

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