Kranevo is a coastal village on the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria which is attracting tourists for its beach and good costs.

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Distance to Kranevo with a vehicle

From Varna airport: 36.8 km – travel time: 33 minutes
From Burgas airport: 145.0 km – travel time: 2h 19 min

More information about Kranevo

The village is close to Albena resort (2 km away), however it has significantly lower prices. You can go there for climate treatment or just to relax on the beach. The sea allows kids to swim as it is relatively shallow. In one part of the village there are remains of an ancient civilization which are interesting to see.

The population of the village is about 1000 residents. Nearby cities you can drive to are Varna, Balchik and Dobrich. Near the settlement there is a river called Kranevska River. There is a National Children Complex that is very popular for this region.

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